How to style

The possibilities are endless with the Dahlia Bra set. Learn how to style it in smart ways. 

Dahlia Lace back

Dahlia lace back

Our Dahlia Lace Back is beautiful on its own, and easy to style with different outfits.

A wide open shirt is the obvious choice, but it also looks amazing styled with jumpsuits and dresses.

Dahlia Basic back, strapless

The Dahlia Basic Back is the perfect everyday solution.

Usually, going strapless isn’t easy, but all you have to do is remove the straps, and you are good to go

How pretty! You can wear your favorite off-shoulder top and not worry about some strap going crazy

Dahlia Basic back, halterneck

Strapless isn't your only opportunity with the Dahlia basic back. The halterneck will save you from many struggles with your outfit

Spice it up and complete your outfit with the "no show" halterneck possibility.

See? Keep the same comfort of your Dahlia Basic Back, but don't compromise with your style.  

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