The Unify Story

Imagine standing in your dressing room, you put on your usual bra, but oh the struggle.. No matter which outfit you try, the over washed bra seems to appear - not cool!

This was our life, until we decided to do things a little different.

Unify Underwear is now a reality, as two young girls with a dream started their own business. We thought: what better product to improve than the classic bra? Several tests and changes later, we came up with this brilliant idea - a separable bra with endless styling possibilities and maximum comfort.

Where To Go From Here?

18 years old, standing with absolutely no experience in start-ups. The vision was clear, but how do you find someone to produce the product, make the website and take care of the legal matters. For sure we needed help. Just realising this, an e-mail ticked into our mailbox. Peter and Christian heard about Unify Underwear, they represented the exact combination we searched for. Two men with the experience and the capital our start-up was missing. Despite of Peter and Christian joining us, the team wasn’t complete. We were still in desperate need of someone to make the actual product.

Months of research receiving samples from China, India and Sri Lanka, we finally met Simon, who has roots in Brazil. The homeland of every beautiful bra you’ve ever seen. The missing piece of the puzzle - perfect!

Meet the Team

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